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Instructions for Authors

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Please, report clearly who is responsible for correspondence at all stages of refereeing and publication, including post-publication. Make sure that telephone and fax numbers (with country and area code) are provided in addition to the e-mail address and the complete postal address. Full postal addresses must be given for all co-authors.


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Three type of manuscripts are accepted:

  • Regular Papers - four to fifteen Review pages

  • Letter to the Editor - one or less Review page

  • Research notes - three or less Review pages


IREME accepts papers in Microsoft Word (.doc) electronic form only.

Please note that papers must be correctly formatted in order to be published.

Formatting instructions can be found  on Author guidelines and must be strictly followed or else your paper will not be published.

Submission for Review

Unpublished papers and extended versions of papers presented at conferences may be submitted for possible publication. Responsibility for the content of a paper lays on the Authors and not on the Editors or the Publisher. Surveys or tutorial papers are particularly welcome.

Articles submitted to the Review should be original contributions and should not be under consideration for any other publication at the same time. Authors who submit articles for publication have to warrant that their work does not infringe any existing copyright and they have to indemnify the publisher against any breach of such warranty.

The submitting author is responsible for obtaining agreement of all coauthors as well as any sponsors' required consent before submitting a paper. IREME strongly discourages courtesy authorship. Authors are obliged to cite relevant prior work and they should consider the following points:

1) Technical papers submitted for publication must advance the state of knowledge and must cite relevant prior work.


2) The length of a submitted paper should suit its importance, or it should be appropriate to the complexity of the work.


3) Authors must convince both peer reviewers and the editors about the scientific and technical merit of a paper; knowing that, the standards of proof are higher when extraordinary or unexpected results are reported.


4) As any scientific progress requires replication, papers submitted for publication must provide sufficient information to allow readers to perform similar experiments or calculations and as well as to use the reported results. Although not everything is needed to be disclosed, a paper must contain new, useable, and fully described information.


5) Unintelligible English is a valid reason for rejection.


Every paper and contribution will become the legal copyright of the publisher unless it is otherwise agreed, in order to have an easily dissemination and to ensure proper policing of use.

Manuscripts should be sent via e-mail as attachment in .doc format to:





Please, indicate clearly the journal's name within square brackets [IREME] in the e-mail subject!


go to topReview Process and Editing

Each submitted paper is subjected to the following review procedures:

1. It is reviewed by the Editor-in-Chief for general publication suitability;

2. If it is judged suitable, three Reviewers are selected from the editorial board and a review process takes place;

3. Taking care of the recommendations of the Reviewers, the Editor-in-Chief then decides whether the particular article may be accepted as it is, or it may be revised or rejected.

The IREME guarantees a very short review process. Any paper will be published, within two months from the submitted date, if it has been accepted.


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The regular paper page length limit is defined at 15 formatted Review pages, including illustrations, references and author(s) biographies. Pages 16 and above are charged  10 euro per page and payment is a prerequisite for publication.


go to top Copyright

Once your article has been accepted, we will require you to complete, sign and return, a copy of the copyright form that will be sent you via e-mail, by fax and by mail . We will not be able to publish your paper without the copyright form.



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